Sarah + Nick
Couples Photos
Northport, Alabama

This past Valentine’s Day, I had the pleasure of heading down to lovely Northport, Alabama for a very holiday-appropriate portrait session. That is when I met up with Sarah + Nick, a happy young pair who wanted to do a couples portrait session.

Sarah + Nick have been married for a few years, and they wanted the photos to showcase their love for each other while also giving a sense of their lives together.

We started the session in their home, where Sarah + Nick were happily joined by their two adorable pups. The dogs were great participants in the session, and they were wonderful to photograph!

While we were at Sarah + Nick’s home, the couple also took photos while baking bread, a fun hobby they share together, and playing board games.

Once things were finished at Sarah + Nick’s home, we took a quick drive down the road to Historic Downtown Northport. I’ve done a number of sessions there before, and I was so happy to be able to do one for Sarah + Nick as well!

Sarah + Nick included their dogs in a few photos in Historic Downtown Northport. The couple then finished the session with just the two of them as we made use of all the wonderful backgrounds and storefronts in the area.

I want to thank Sarah + Nick for having me come down to Northport to do this couples session for the two of them. It was my pleasure working with the both of them + their wonderful pups!

Photos from Sarah + Nick’s Couples Session in Northport, Alabama!

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