Birmingham, Alabama | January 28th, 2023

Birmingham, Alabama | January 28th, 2023

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January 28th, 2023

These photos were taken around sunset in the area of the Rainbow Bridge in Birmingham, Alabama. Also known as the 21st Street Viaduct, it’s now closed to vehicular traffic and has become a popular photography spot.

People have free access to the road to capture views of the city skyline along with the railroad tracks that divided the “north” and “south” portions of downtown Birmingham.

I had some time before photographing a concert, so I wanted to specifically capture the sunset over the railroad tracks. It’s a shot I’ve taken many times before, but, sometimes, you just go back to what works.

Luckily, though, I didn’t stop with just the sunset photo.

Because I had time, I walked a little around 1st Avenue North and did some general street photography, and found myself on 22nd Street North and a neighboring bridge going over the railroad tracks. While there are bigger skyscrapers in the city, the old City Federal Building kept attracting my attention.

The cover photo for this post can be seen from that perspective.

The session then came to a close when I made my way over the bridge and to 1st Avenue South.

This is where I captured a few shots of the sunset behind the Daniel Building, which features prominent signage PNC. It’s also located next to a newly established yet poorly received sign for Alexander Shunnarah.

Sometimes you can find beauty in the bleak and generic. The Birmingham Rotary Trail sign can be seen in the background with the setting sun.

These photos were initially edited with the look of Cinestill film, but I decided to adjust things a bit for the mood. I’ve been working with increased contrast in photos, but, for this presentation, I went in the opposite direction.