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Birmingham Alabama Concert Band Photography

Concert + Band/Musician Portrait Photography for Hire

It is my pleasure to be available for hire to photograph live concert performances + band/musician portraits in Birmingham, Alabama + Atlanta, Georgia + Nashville, Tennessee + the surrounding areas!

Setting up a shoot for yourself or your band would be a great way to boost your EPK, social media, and all other promotional outlets!

Birmingham Alabama Concert Band Photography

What's Included with a Concert + Band/Musician Portrait Shoot?

All live concert shoots + band/musician portrait sessions are totally customizable! I'll work with you to identify exactly what you need to help promote your music through great photography!

That could include just a band/musician portrait session, just a live concert performance shoot, both options combined, or something else.

If you're interested, I'd love to hear your thoughts, so we can start formulating a plan!

Birmingham Alabama Concert Band Photography

How Much Does a Concert + Band/Musician Portrait Shoot Cost?

Even though all concert + band/musician portrait sessions are customizable, I do have a starting price point of $300.

This is a great deal and value for what you're getting, and it's a worthwhile investment to help grow awareness of your music.

For a full quote based on what you're wanting from a shoot, please fill out the form below. I can give you a detailed breakdown of costs based on that information.

Let's Talk About a Concert + Band/Musician Portrait Shoot!