Alex + Matthew
Engagement Photos
Lake Logan Martin

2019 was a great year for DSmithImages Wedding Photography, Portraits, and Events, and I had the opportunity to close it out with a beautiful and seasonal engagement session.

My last photo shoot of the year was doing engagement photos for Alex and Matthew in the area of Lake Logan Martin in Alabama. Alex and Matthew will be getting married on Halloween of 2020 in the Pensacola, Florida area, and that wedding date gave inspiration to the theme of their engagement session.

Alex and Matthew decided on a wintry gothic aesthetic and theme for their engagement session. The shoot took place at an old church, rock building, and cemetery near the home of Alex’s family, and it provided for a great setting.

The fact that there was light rain in the area along with gray skies made the visual settings even better and fitting for what Alex and Matthew wanted to accomplish and document.

Everything was moody and perfectly fitting for the time of year and time of day. This is the same approach Alex and Matthew want for their wedding, and I can’t wait to be able to document that in the Pensacola, Florida area.

This session was a blast to photograph, and I’m so glad Alex and Matthew selected DSmithImages to do it for them. I’m so looking forward to working with them on Halloween to capture all the memories of their wedding day.

Photos from Alex + Matthew’s Gothic Engagement Session!

Please do enjoy this collection of photos from Alex and Matthew’s wintry gothic engagement session.

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