Mendocino California Wedding Photography + Elopement Photography
Mendocino, California Wedding + Elopement Photography

Mendocino, California Wedding + Elopement Photography

Thank you for taking the time to visit DSmithImages Wedding Photography, Portraits, and Events!

It’s my hope that you’ve visited today for a couple of reasons. The first being that you’ve recently gotten engaged to the love of your life. If that’s true, let me wish both of you a huge word of congratulations.

The second reason is that I hope you’re looking for natural, beautiful, and authentic wedding photography or elopement photography to document all the special moments of your upcoming celebration in Mendocino or anywhere throughout the Bay Area and Northern California!

Mendocino California Wedding Photography + Elopement Photography

I'd Love to Come and Tell Your Story!

I’d Love to Photograph Your Wedding + Elopement in Mendocino, California!

I do need to say that I’m not based in Mendocino. My home is in Birmingham, Alabama.

Now I’ve been traveling across the country to photograph weddings and elopements since 2010, and I can easily get to Mendocino, the Bay Area, or throughout Northern California to photograph yours.

That’s why I’m waiving travel fees + giving a PREFERRED LOCATION DISCOUNT for any celebration in Mendocino or throughout the state of California!

Mendocino, California Wedding + Elopement Photography

Book the Wedding + Elopement Photography for Your Celebration in Mendocino!

I hope all this sounds good because I’d love to go on an adventure with you and your special someone!

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