Myrtle Beach, South Carolina | December 30th, 2023

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina | December 30th, 2023

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December 30th, 2023

The nature of my wedding photography work means there are occasions when I will visit a place multiple times a year, even though I have never been to that location before in my life.

2023 is the year I visited Myrtle Beach, South Carolina twice after going a good 41 years without coming anywhere near it.

That’s just how fate and the universe work.

My first visit to Myrtle Beach was in April of 2023, and that was because I had an assignment to shoot a wedding in nearby Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.

Another assignment in Ocean Isle Beach meant another trip to Myrtle Beach. This time, though, I stayed there instead of just visiting.

I took some time to do the tourist side of things before my wedding work and assignment started. That meant walking along the boardwalk and the various attractions present.

I shot several of these locations back in April of 2023, but I wanted to revisit them since it was winter and the holiday season.

What strikes me the most about Myrtle Beach and any touristy beach community is the abundance of structures jutting into the sky.

Everything about a beach is flat until you add things like high-rise condominium complexes and, in the case of Myrtle Beach, a Ferris wheel and other amusement park rides.

So, that was a big focus of this trip to Myrtle Beach. The other big focus was getting some photos inside one of the many arcades on the boardwalk.

Catching the details and lights of the Skee-Ball games and other arcade machines were definite highlights of the visit.