Stephanie + Brian
Wedding Photos
Palisades Park
Oneonta, Alabama

Palisades Park in Oneonta, Alabama is a beautiful location in Blount County. Its natural beauty makes it an ideal spot for weddings and wedding photography. I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at Palisades Park on February 29th as Stephanie and Brian tied the knot.

The happy couple had a very family-oriented and DIY style wedding at Palisades Park while also making use of all the wonderful natural backgrounds and scenic views. The couple got ready and married in the buildings on-site at Palisades Park while also having photos made throughout the park and on the gorgeous overlooks and cliffs.

The couple even took a little time to drive into Oneonta and get photos made at the local Taco Bell. That is where they had their first date, and it was so wonderful to be able to document them there as newlyweds!

I had done a portrait session at Palisades Park before, but this was the first time I was able to photograph a wedding. It was a wonderful experience, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do so.

I’d like to send a big word of thanks to Stephanie and Brian for choosing DSmithImages to photograph their wedding. I want to wish them the best of luck with their future as a married couple.

Photos from Stephanie + Brian’s Wedding at Palisades Park!

Please enjoy the following sampling of photos from Stephanie and Brian’s wedding at Palisades Park in Oneonta, Alabama. If you are a family member or friend of the couple and would like to see the full gallery of this wedding, please contact me directly.

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