Alabama Graduation Portraits


I love to do portrait sessions, and I’d love to do a portrait session with you! While I focus on college graduation and high school senior portraits, I’m available for all types of sessions.

As we approach the day of your session, I’ll work with you to put together a timeline, get your creative input, and figure out the best stylistic choices for the shoot. After all, it’s YOUR portrait session. I want as much input as you want to provide!

If this all sounds good, let’s get a session on the calendar! I can’t wait to hear from you.

Alabama Graduation Portraits



This competitive price point includes no time-limit on coverage or number of images received, high-resolution images with full print rights, color + black and white copies, creative + timeline assistance, and much more!

Sessions are fully customized to meet your specific needs. I'd love for you to fill out the brief form below so we can schedule a session!

University of Alabama Graduation Portraits

Scheduling Information

When you inquire about a session, I'll ask you what time you'd like to do the shoot. I photograph portrait sessions in the early morning (At or just after sunrise) or in the afternoon/evening (Think closer to sunset).

I do not do portrait sessions during the mid-day (A little before, during, and right after 12:00 P.M.)

I also only do a maximum of two portrait sessions a day.

Let's Talk About a Portrait Session!

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