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Grace Presbyterian Church
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Tuscaloosa, Alabama

DSmithImages Wedding Photography, Portraits, and Events returned to the lovely city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Saturday, May 25th for what turned out to be just a super special day.

I headed to the Druid City to photograph the wedding of Avery and Leah, a wonderful young couple who decided to get married in the city where they met. Both Avery and Leah attended The University of Alabama, and that is where their journey together began.

The day with Avery and Leah started at the Embassy Suites, but we soon made our way to the campus of The University of Alabama, and, specifically, Marrs Spring.

This is where Avery and Leah decided to have their first look as the location held sentimental value for both of them. As the sun warmly blanketed the lush greenery of Marrs Spring, Avery and Leah saw each other for the first time on their wedding day.

It was a touching moment and set the tone for the rest of the day. Avery and Leah then made use of other locations on campus for photos, such as The Gorgas House and Woods Quad, before heading to the church for the wedding ceremony.

The happy couple was married during a ceremony held at Grace Presbyterian Church. It was a lovely service that was celebrated by numerous family members and friends of the couple.

Once Avery and Leah said their vows, exchanged rings, and made things official, everyone congratulated the newlyweds. It was then time to party as the day moved down the road to The District Room.

Avery and Leah’s reception was a great time for the couple to celebrate with their friends and family while also celebrating with each other.

Everyone enjoyed the delicious food prepared by The District Room and was quite in awe of the amazing donut tower the venue arranged.

Everyone danced well into the night before Avery and Leah made an exit illuminated by a number of cell-phone lights. It was a great way to cap off such a beautiful day.

I’d like to extend the warmest thanks to Avery and Leah for selecting DSmithImages Wedding Photography, Portraits, and Events to document their wedding in Tuscaloosa.

I hope for nothing but the best in their future together. A word of thanks also needs to be extended to their family and friends for the gracious hospitality they showed to me.

Photos from Avery + Leah’s Wedding in Tuscaloosa, Alabama!

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