Graduation Photos
Birmingham, Alabama

I have photographed a lot of graduation portraits over the years, but, I had a new experience during a graduation session on April 29th. That date saw me head to the campus of UAB in downtown Birmingham to photograph graduation portraits there for the first time. The session was for Jocelyn, who recently graduated with a degree in social work and will soon be going for her Masters in the same field.

We did the session on a beautiful spring Sunday morning, and we had the entire campus to ourself. Jocelyn picked out a couple of key spots, including one with a lovely fountain and prominent UAB signage that made for great backdrops. Other shots were taken in and around the campus green area and near the main library for UAB.

I’d like to thank Jocelyn for having me photograph her graduation portraits and for letting me do my first session on the campus of UAB. I am looking forward to doing more for UAB graduates in the future.

Photos from Jocelyn’s Graduation Session on the Campus of UAB!

 Enjoy the photos from this lovely graduation portrait session on the campus of UAB!

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