Wausau Wisconsin Wedding Photography

Megan + Tucker
St. Anne Parish
Oak & Fern Island Parks
Greenwood Hills Country Club
Wausau, Wisconsin
June 18th, 2021

Summer in Wisconsin is a beautiful time of the year, and I was so happy to be able to witness it in the lovely town of Wausau. I headed up there to photograph a lovely wedding on June 18th, the wedding of Megan and Tucker. You might remember this couple from their fall engagement session in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, or their day before the wedding engagement session, which also took place in Wausau.

Megan + Tucker’s wedding was all about friends, family, and doing things their way. Their wedding attire reflected that as Tucker wore a trendy suit and shirt combo, while Megan dazzled everyone in a gorgeous gold sequined dress.

When everyone was dressed and ready to go, we headed over to St. Anne Parish, which is where the actual wedding ceremony took place and is also the church Megan attended with her family while living in Wausau. Megan and Tucker had their first look in the church’s lovely courtyard, which was blanketed in warm summertime sunlight.

Megan and Tucker then proceeded to tie the knot during a Catholic wedding ceremony in front of friends and family. It was an intimate and touching ceremony to witness.

From there, Megan, Tucker, myself, and a couple of Megan’s friends exited the church and headed into Wausau for post-wedding photos. The first stop was in front of a local theater, which is where Megan and Tucker were treated to a surprise. Megan’s father had arranged for a special congratulatory message on the theater’s marquee, and the couple was delighted to see it in person.

Once we finished at the theater, we headed to the nearby Oak & Fern Island Parks. This is where we did the day before the wedding engagement session, and being able to do post-wedding photos in the same beautiful location provided a nice bookend to things.

The final stop of the evening was the Greenwood Hills Country Club, which hosted the reception for Megan and Tucker. Megan and Tucker had a lively party with their family and friends. A good meal was had, toasts were made, dancing took place, and, because this was in Wisconsin, even a polka was featured. Megan and Tucker also took some time to do a quick photoshoot right around sunset.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience working with Megan and Tucker on their wedding day. I want to thank them for having me come up to Wausau to photograph their beautiful day, and I also want to wish them nothing but the best in their lives together.

I also want to thank their family and friends for all they did to make sure the couple had a fantastic day while also showing me wonderful hospitality throughout the experience.

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