The DSmithImages Experience: Creative Style + Approach

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When it comes to my preferred visual style, I don’t fall under the “dark and moody” or “light and bright” designations. I don’t like to be confined to a particular style because every celebration is different. 

I prefer a dreamy and cinematic-style presentation based on your input and the natural look of your venue and overall wedding day atmosphere. 

There is also a strong influence from the look of classic film photography.

With your input, I’ll create images that look like they came right out of a motion picture. Even though I’m only doing still photography, I like my photos to have a cinematic quality to them.

I’m also going to do everything I can to make sure the photos reflect who you are and the love you have for each other. 

I’m all about photos that are natural and true to self. Those tend to make the most memorable shots!


Estes Park Colorado Micro-Wedding Elopement Photography



Do note that I believe in a documentary approach to my photography. I believe in real moments and real emotions without a lot of interference or staged events. 

Now while I’ll give you posing suggestions, I fully want your photos to reflect your natural personalities and love for each other. I want to tell YOUR story, and this is the best way possible.

This is a big reason why I do not use Photoshop to heavily alter an image. I honestly wouldn’t even know where to begin because I do not ever use Photoshop during the editing process. I use Lightroom to adjust for cropping, framing, color, tone, and other general details. 

Because of this method and approach, I can get you your photos back in a matter of days and not months.

With the exception of requested family photos, I also do not work off a shot list on the day of the wedding. While I will always take a photo you request, I feel a shot list strips all the natural flow out of a wedding day.

Southern California Micro-Wedding Elopement Photography



Your wedding + elopement day should, above all else, be about having the happiest experience possible with your special someone. 

I want to make it abundantly clear that I work for you and your special someone. Your creative input and suggestions are the only ones I’ll take into account unless otherwise stated. 

This is your wedding day, and I want to make sure it reflects what you want, not what someone else wants.

I’ll make sure you’re not stressed about anything along with being flexible enough to let your special day flow organically and naturally.

I like to do things a bit differently, and I love working with those who enjoy the same approach.

If you’re looking for someone that’s going to be rigid, and not able to adapt, then I’m not the right fit for you. 

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Something I stress with everyone is that it is YOUR special day.

Do whatever you’d like on your special day, and do whatever is going to make you happy.

On your wedding day, I am your chief advocate. My top priority is making sure the memories of your day are documented the way you want them to be and not the way someone else thinks they should be.

Don’t feel pressured or obligated to do something that isn’t going to reflect your personality and style. I’ll do everything I can to make sure that happens, and I’m not about to tell you otherwise!

Portland Oregon Wedding Photography + Elopement Photography



Since I want to focus on getting the photos you want and you deserve, I also want to focus on establishing a positive flow of communication from the time you first say hi to the time I tell you your photos are ready.

I highly recommend you have a coordinator of some type for your wedding. They are well worth the expense and can prevent so many problems from happening.

That being said, I’m also here to help and assist you and your coordinator in any way, shape, or form. Need help with finding a location? Struggling with design choices? Can’t figure out a timeline? Looking for just a little extra confidence boost? I’ve got your back on all of that and more.

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Love is love. Plain and simple. 

I am proud to be an inclusive and LGBTQIA+ friendly photographer and am proud to work with any couple that would like me to photograph their special day. 

I do not believe in discrimination and will not support it.

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If everything you’ve read here has clicked with you, that is wonderful to hear! 

I’d love to be your official wedding + elopement photographer, and I’d love to start what will be a fantastic journey together!

Fill out the form below to request a personalized quote. I’ll get you all the information you need to help make this important decision. 

You can also visit my pricing + booking page to get additional information about what I offer on your special day!

Do also check out the frequently asked questions page. If something isn’t addressed and you have a question about it, don’t hesitate to touch base and ask. I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions for you.

In addition to those pages, please make sure you take some time to check out the stories + galleries from all the celebrations I’ve had the pleasure of photographing over the years!